At Zphinx Designs we offer unique animal designs, such as dogs, cows, horses, camels, frogs etc, and everything else, in a multitude of medium such as ceramic, solid gold & silver jewellery,  medallions, beaded jewellery and drawings.

Our range, at the moment, is only small, but we plan on expanding it with a variety of designs.

All animal designs seen in this web page may be transformed to any breed of dog or animal.

Most of our designs , at this point in time, are made to order, but our range is growing.

All of these designs are originals of Zphinx Designs.

Please take a look at our present designs, as we are still under construction.

Please note all the prices in this web page are quoted in Australian dollars, and do not include postage and handling, and may be subject to change.

For information about us and interest in designs presented herein, or for a custom design please contact us.

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